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Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions

Primary Care, Urgent Care and Mental Health in Hoffman Estates, IL

About Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions

Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions puts patients in the driver’s seat of their own health. In the Chicago-area office in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, experienced doctorally prepared nurse practitioner Dr. Kristina Passarelli, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, uses a holistic whole-person approach, with personalized care catering to each patient’s mind, body, and soul.

The practice covers all basic family medical and many specialized needs, starting from six months old. The practice is a one-stop shop for medical care, from treating acute illnesses like colds and fevers to more complex care like chronic disease management, mental health care, women’s and men’s health.

Dr. Passarelli uses functional medicine principles to detect the root causes of health problems. Treatment involves integrated care using traditional and alternative methods of healing. Many patients need a combination such as lifestyle education, weight loss, intravenous (IV) therapy, and medication. 

Dr. Passarelli’s ultimate goal is to help patients avoid sickness and physical problems through preventive care. It helps avoid chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes while better managing existing problems (chronic disease management). 

At Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions, Dr. Passarelli understands that patients lead busy lives, so she structured the practice to meet patient needs. One way to do so is through concierge medicine, which includes a comprehensive array of unlimited services for a monthly or annual fee. 

Additional services, such as medication, lab tests, and imaging, are usually covered by medical insurance. The practice accepts Medicare plans, including United Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield, and most private insurances are accepted.

Office-based care is available in the Hoffman Estates office, and home health care (house calls) is also available for Chicago-area patients. The practice also offers telemedicine for Illinois, Arizona, and New York patients. 

Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions provides a collaborative approach to health care, making it easy for patients to take part in their health journey. Call the office or book an appointment online today. 

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Become a Member
Membership benefits include:
✓ Unlimited Visits
✓ Unlimited labs, tests, EKG
✓ Expedited access to top specialists
✓ Longer visit times with no wait
✓ Guaranteed same day visits (In office or Zoom)
✓ Sameday nursing housecalls for sample (blood collection)
✓ Provider Housecalls (4 per year)
✓ Overseeing home caregiving services
"Had a great experience with, Kristina Passarelli. She listened to my concerns and took her time. I highly recommend her!"
Cindy L.
"Dr. Passarelli is great! She is timely, attentive, and an overall great professional to work with. Highly recommend!"
Alexis D.
"Dr. Passarelli is very attentive, and super knowledgeable to where I don’t feel like I missed anything during the visit. Can’t beat genuine, efficient care."
Isaiah C.
"Dr. Kristina is a careful listener. She will go to any length to ensure the best care for her patients!"
Sheri R.
"Very attentive and caring! Makes sure to always answer your questions/concerns. Scheduling and paper work process very easy and straightforward! 100% Recommend!"
"Dr. Passarelli is very responsive and caring. It's convenient that she offers telehealth appointments as well as in office visits."
Emily C.
"I have had a great experience with Dr. Passarelli. She has taken a lot of time to fully listen to my concerns & explore many possibilities. She is kind & knowledgeable."
Sarah J.
"Streamlined visit, and Dr. P was extremely informative, kind, and helpful. I highly recommend her and this practice!"
Rebecca W.
"Dr. Kristina is kind and extremely knowledgeable!!! I don’t want to get sick however, I’m glad she makes the time to make sure I’m feeling better quickly!"
Katherine M.
"Dr. Kristina Passarelli has the best bed side manner. She's concise, detail oriented, very informative, and shows how much she cares thru her demeaner."
Jamie B.
"She was quick to act, compassionate and knowledgeable when dealing with an urgent matter of my 1 year old. Thank you so much!"
Robyn H.
"Finally, a physician that is familiar with all the most modern procedures and approaches! Let alone, great and attentive staff!"
Anthony R.
"Booked a last minute video visit and it was simple, quick, and super helpful! Thanks Nurse Kristina Passarelli"
Annabel L.
"Dr. Passarelli was a godsend. She is a very patient person who genuinely cares about her patients."
Nicole K.
"Dr. Kristina is very friendly and informative. I would recommend her to any of my family members or friends. Telehealth is offered which is a good option for me."
Gabe M.
"She was so nice and made me feel so comfortable."
Mireya T.
"Super helpful and friendly. Was easy to talk to about my medical needs. She pointed me in the right direction on my medical decisions. Would recommended 5/5!"
William L.
"Amazing experience, she was super nice and came to my house."
Joseph P.
Our Insurances
We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.
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