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Weight Loss

Weight Loss services offered in Hoffman Estates, IL

There is a formula for weight loss success, but it’s unique to your specific body, mind, and spirit. At Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions, doctorally -prepared nurse practitioner Kristina Passarelli, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, helps you find the path to successful and sustained weight loss through personalized holistic weight management. There’s a Chicago-area office in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and telemedicine is available in the states of Illinois, Arizona, and New York. Dr. Passarelli also makes house calls for concierge medicine patients. Call the office or book your weight loss appointment online now.

Weight Loss Q&A

When should I think about trying medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss can help if you find it hard to lose or keep the weight off. Weight management can be complex, so you need an expert to guide you through it. 

At Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions, Dr. Passarelli considers every aspect of your weight management needs to customize a multifaceted pathway to success.

Does medical weight loss include medication?

Medical weight loss is different for every patient. Medication, injections, and other types of support are all available if you need them. Your weight loss plan may include: 

Customized diet plan

Dr. Passarelli creates a diet plan tailored to your body’s nutritional needs and personal goals. 

Oral medications

Oral medications, such as phentermine, offer powerful appetite suppression. If one of your main struggles with weight loss is hunger pangs, taking phentermine once a day can help you avoid that pitfall and stay on track. Some of the weight loss medications you may be prescribed to assist you in your weight loss goals are:

  • Phentermine 
  • Phendimetrazine 
  • Qsymia 
  • Diethylpropion 
  • Metformin
  • Diuretics, if you are retaining water

Vitality shots (Lipotropic Injections)

Vitality shots include a group of specially-formulated injections that Dr. Passarelli administers in the office. You can choose an injection based on your weight loss and health goals, from immunity boosting to muscle pumping and increased energy. Lipotropic injections are a popular option because they help improve and speed up metabolism and burn fat. The blend of vitamins and essential nutrients may help increase energy, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation. 

Vitality Shots

Vitality Shots

Vitality Shots

Vitality Shots


Several types of clinically administered injections can help you lose extra weight, particularly if you have weight-related conditions like Type 2 diabetes. For example,Ozempic®, Wegovy®, and Saxenda® help manage your blood sugar levels and make it easier to eat less.

Mental health care

No matter what weight loss path you choose, Dr. Passarelli puts your holistic (whole-person) health first: body, mind, and spirit. As part of that holistic healthcare approach, many patients who struggle with weight loss find mental health support helpful, particularly with issues like emotional eating. 

How often do I need weight loss appointments?

Appointment frequency depends on your particular plan. Dr. Passarelli wants to ensure that her patients feel heard, understood, and supported, so she recommends regular check-ins through office visits or telemedicine appointments. 

With regular check-ins, ranging from once a week to once a month, you can get customized advice and support to overcome any challenges you may encounter. 

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