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Home Health Care

Home Health Care services offered in Hoffman Estates, IL

House calls aren’t a relic of the past at least not anymore. At Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions, doctorally prepared nurse practitioner Dr. Kristina Passarelli, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, offers home health care to her concierge medicine patients within the Chicago metropolitan area. When you can’t make it into the Hoffman Estates, Illinois, office due to illness, transportation issues, child care problems, or any other issue, a home health care visit can be a great solution. Call the office or click the online booking feature now.

Home Health Care Q&A

What is home health care?

Home health care is another term for house calls, in which Dr. Passarelli comes to your home to deliver medical care. Although home health care was fairly prevalent many decades ago, today’s practices have largely evolved to office-based care. 

Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions is bringing home health care back because Dr. Passarelli understands her patients need convenient medical care on their own terms. She can come to you for a house call if you live anywhere in the Greater Chicago area.

When might I need a home health care appointment? 

Home health care visits are a convenient way to get medical care in several situations, so you might want to schedule this type of care if you simply prefer more private care or have: 

  • A severe illness and you want to stay in bed
  • A disability that prevents you from leaving home
  • Transportation issues preventing you from coming to the office 
  • Caregiving duties preventing you from leaving your home 

Home health care can cover most medical needs. Dr. Passarelli can perform physical exams, wellness exams, and health monitoring, which includes checking blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and other facets of your health. 

In many cases, the main goal of house calls is to diagnose and treat acute conditions like flu, colds, sinus infections, ear infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

Dr. Passarelli can also provide house calls for chronic conditions like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and heart disease. 

Should you need testing of any type, Dr. Passarelli can collect samples and perform many tests conveniently in your own home. And, if you need a new prescription or a treatment, such as a breathing treatment, she can provide that too. 

Are there any alternatives to home health care?

If you’re not in the Chicago area and want a personalized and private health-care appointment, you still have options with Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions. Dr. Passarelli offers telemedicine appointments to patients in the states of Illinois, Florida, and New York. 

With telemedicine, you can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or another internet-connected device to meet Dr. Passarelli in a virtual conference room. You’ll have complete privacy, just as you would in a house call. 

To schedule your home health care, call Integrated Express Healthcare Solutions or book your appointment using the provided online scheduler now.